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        Monolayer Graphene Oxide Dispersion
        Product Introduction:
        Graphene is a kind of honeycomb planar film formed by SP2 hybridization of carbon atoms.So it's also called monolayer graphite.With the development of research, graphene with less than 10 layers is generally called graphene.However, the single-layer graphene has the superior performance that the multi-layer graphene can not match, which attracts researchers to develop its production process and downstream applications. Using natural flake graphite as raw material, monolayer graphene oxide was obtained by chemical oxidation and stripping, an important precursor of graphene.It not only retains most of the properties of graphene, but also gives it good processing properties, which is conducive to the development of graphene downstream products.
        Product Performance

        Product Advantages
        With excellent dispersibility, it can be stably dispersed in water, DMF, ethylene glycol and other solvents for more than one year, and the size distribution is uniform, and the transverse size is in the range of 1 ~ 200 μ M. it can be customized according to the demand, with wide source of raw materials, low cost and obvious liquid crystal stripe.
        Application Field

        It can be well dispersed in part of the matrix, and can be directly mixed with polar plastics, coatings, rubber, etc. to prepare composite materials, so as to improve its strength, modulus, UV resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, far-infrared emission and other properties; It is used in supercapacitors and batteries to improve their capacity, cycle stability and rate performance; It is used for graphene fiber and film to obtain high thermal conductivity, flexibility and high conductivity products; It is used in nanofiltration membrane to obtain high throughput and high rejection products; It is used for aerogels to obtain ultra light, high porosity, elastic products and so on.

        Welcome to enquire:

        Whatsapp/Wechat:+86 137 3802 1015 
        E-mail: liushuang@gaoxitech.com

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